Fullscreen feed reader

Your favorite feeds, from your favorite websites, on your favorite "full" screen.

  • Getting started ...

    By following these simple steps to register and create a profile, you will be running a fullscreen feed reader in no time.

    1. Create a free account.
    2. Login > go to "My account" and add feeds from your favorite websites to your profile.
    3. Browse your profile.
    4. Enter fullscreen mode.
    5. Let it spin.


    1. An internet connection.
    2. A modern browser.
    3. Javascript enabled on your browser.
    4. Cookies enabled on your browser.
  • Intended for ...

    This web application reads feeds from your favorite websites and displays them on your screen in form of a news' ticker.

    Primarily intended for audiencies in: clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, waiting rooms, airports, train or bus stations, trains, busses or any other public or private place which accommodates people and has external (tv) screens connected to a computer. But in fact, there are no limitations on audiences.
Recommended browsers Latest versions of Firefox - Chrome - Safari - Opera